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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  April 3, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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is the coolest. that is a tenuous rope and we have to wait for that cold air to arrive, mostly cloudy some filtered sun, mainly in the mid- to-upper 60s, antioch as well. mid-50s closer to the coast, here is sal. steve, good morning now, traffic is moving along well around the bay area, let's take a look at some live pictures westbound highway 4 looks good no major problems and willow pass grade is what i meant. and traffic looks good on the high-rise we are off to a nice start, it is 430, let's go back -- 4:30 let's go back to the desk. we are learning new information about that deadly school shooting which happened at about 10:30 yesterday morning on edge water drive.
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witnesses say a gunman ordered everyone up against the wall and started firing. tara moriarty has been following this story from the beginning yesterday morning and joins us now with the new details we have learned overnight, tara? >> reporter: well i am told from a source within the oakland police department that the overwhelming majority of victims were women. we were able to get ahold of the public information officer at the university and she tells us the suspect was interviewed at the jail and shows absolutely no remorse. here is the scene and you can see it is an active scene, they have roped off the entire school and it has been shut down indefinitely. we are learning more details about the suspect who was detained within an hour and a half of the shooting spree. one thing they have not been able to locate is the weapon. a 45 caliber weapon.
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the first call came in from the university and when officer arrived a woman was bleeding on the ground. moments later they found others running for their lives not knowing if a man or woman was still inside. the suspect was a 45-year-old student of the university and was disgruntled because he had been thrown out. he grabbed a receptionist and told students to lineup on the wall and began shooting. >> we just hard several gunshots and i looked outside the door of the classroom and somebody said somebody has a gun so i evacuated the classroom. >> there were several people hiding in locked buildings in locked doors behind desks as you can imagine very frightened very scared. >> now our cameras caught a brief go at the suspect and police tell us he is a south
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koreaian national with ties to south virginia and he was picked on because of his english. earlier we will be speaking with the chief howard jordan and we will be able to get some more details and bring them to you. we will have more about his [ ground and we will -- background and we will share with you coming up in the next hour. oakland police are not ready to release the names of the seven people who died in the shooting. however we can release the names of the survivors. one walked out shortly after 5:00 in the evening with her arm in bandages. she is one of three survivors. the army officer called her brother immediately after the shooting. >> what was the first thank you told your brother? >> i got shot and i called my
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brother and they came and got me but my brother came and i have to go home now and rest. thank you for all you have done. >> the service will be held at the allan temple baptist church on international boulevard. >> now oakland police jordan is calling the shooting senseless. >> no words can express the pain caused by this incident. >> the chief gave condolences to the victims and their families and also praised officers and firefighters and police dispatchers for their heroic responses an actions. the police chief will join us in our studio and that will be in our 7:00 coming up on mornings on 2:00. we have more team coverage throughout the morning on the shooting and stay with us because we will bring you the very latest on the news and
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throughout the day you can get the very latest on our website a racing yacht was hit by a huge wave during an around the world race just arrived in oakland. allie rasmus is now where the yacht is docked, allie? >> reporter: that's right. the gerald western australia pulled in to the marina here at jacqueline oakland scare and they got a very -- square and got a very enthusiastic welcome. [applauds] >> reporter: a crowd of about 50 people were waiting to greet them many of them sailors from other boats taking part in the race. the crew encountered a huge storm saturday morning as they were crossing from china across the pacific ocean to the bay area. mark was steering the boat when the storm hit and he described when a massive 100-foot wave slammed into their boat.
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>> i heard a rumblings like a freight train and all of a sudden, everything just broke loose. i was in the water everybody else was in the water, i had been pushed through the incredible force you just can't imagine just like i had been in a car crash. >> reporter: four crew members had been injured and two had to be rescued by the u.s. coast guard on sunday which is the video you are looking at right now. the two members taken to the bay area hospitals are doing fine, one is still in the hospital under observation and one has been discharged. the sailboat was damaged in the storm on saturday which is why it took them another three days to make it back here but the crew was relieved and happy to be back on dry land, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 morning news. san francisco police are
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looking for the suspect in a deadly shooting. it happened late last night, there were at least a dozen shell casings on the group. the male victim died in the hospital a short time later. witnesses spotted three men racing away from the scene in a black sedan. they are still not clear what led up to that gunfire. oakland police are investigating a rolling gun battle with two separate cars. it happened on 85th avenue and bee street. some stray bullets went right into a home with three the children inside but nobody was hurt. take a look at that picture, they are some of the bullets collected at the crime scene and at this point there is no information on suspects or a possible motive. celebrations turned violent after the university of kentucky won the ncaa basketball championship.
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overnight there was a shooting and riots now under investigation. three will face a judge at 9:00 this morning. michael davis, crawford and randolph wilkesens were arrested as a wells fargo bank last month. they robbed a woman and insulted her perceived sexuality. they will be arraigned for felony robbery and hate crimes. police arrested occupied protesters who had taken over a san francisco building. ktvu channel 2 morning news had the only cameras on the scene which was owned by the archdiocese of san francisco. protesters claimed the building had been vacant and it should be used for health services and education. they say they plan to rent the building out to help pay for
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student scholar ships. >> the group that was inside had no intention of leaving and they saw there were large piles of bricks, buckets of paint and other items on the roof that were positioned to be used as weapons. >> investigators say there was graffiti, damaged fixtures and doors inside and the protesters were cited for trespassing. coming up, it is 4:39 checking with sal on traffic, hello sal. right now things are doing well around the bay area. let's go out and take a look at what we have with interstate 880 and oakland and that traffic is moving along nicely and we are off to a nice start. on the way in i was listening to police activity and crashes and that has all cleared up. all the lanes are open. bay bridge toll plaza, same thing, traffic is moving well on the bay bridge approach and if you are driving in the south bay any time soon, northbound
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101 and 187 are off to a good start. steve? >> sal, i failed to set my computer so could you do a dance while i set that? >> yes. >> well, one of the things i do want to mention -- >> dave clark is looking at me. >> we were wondering what kind of dance you will do sal? >> okay, i am back, good morning everybody, we have high clouds, kind of a filtered sunny day but temperatures will come down a little bit. it is a hoe hum, not much of a front we could get some light rain to the north. more so into wednesday and thursday and yesterday, 60s across the board, a few upper 60s, i just brought temperatures down a few degrees santa rosa down 2, livermore down 1, san jose down 1 but the message here is this will continue all the way to thursday and kind of level off
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on friday so cold air coming in. this system is not doing much. any rain would be very light and would likely be to the north. i am mentioning it may be late tonight. 40s are right at 50s for temperatures, here is your temperature ban, see towards santa rosa, a lot of lower 60s upper 50s in mendocino county, up along the coast a couple of 70s trying to pop up but that's mainly along the valley. it will give us an increase in the westerly wind. high clouds will settle in. high clouds filtered sun, a little cooler today not a lot but mid-60s for some to the north, lower 60s by the coast upper 60s inland and there could be 70s towards gilroy and i don't see how they can do it
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today. 60s including los gatos, some very light rain to the north, not a big deal and the cold air settles in, takes us to friday and the weekend looking fabulous pam. what the agents took away, what they left behind. >> plus, a new direction in the search for sierra lemar, the areas where volunteers will now focus their effort. >> good morning right now if you are driving within marin county we recently had a crash, that's all gone, traffic looks good in san rafael.
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. good morning, a lot of high clouds, cooler by the coast, could have some light rain towards the north. downtown oakland is vowing to move ahead after a federal raid. it is a story we had first on mornings on 2. this is a scene as federal agents loaded a truck yesterday with a safe, marijuana plants and other confiscated items. at the same time an angry crowd of medical marijuana supporters protested the raid. acts left behind bashed in doors, empty planters and empty
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file cabinets that held records. >> a lot of our students are invading confidentiality when it comes to patients. >> and at the amsterdam founder, they are now charge of missing teen sierra lemar are heading into new territory. the volunteer took over and the up in organizers say much of the search covered public land. now they want to search private property. >> i will be contacting all the private owners to see if they had searched the area to see if it has been searched by authorities and we will help. >> they have scheduled a volunteer search this saturday and they plan to search out it's search and rescue teams sometime this week. sierra lemar days period march
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16th and many believe she was kidnapped. sheriff ross mirkarimi can go home at least for now. he can move back to his house while his wife is away. eliana lopez is now in venezuela with her son visiting her sick father. he will have to leave when his wife and son return at the end of this month and he is still under court order as a result of the new year's day domestic violence incident. primary elections get underway in washington d.c. today. mitt romney is favored to win all three contests and regardless of the results they are staying in the race. but increasingly mitt romney is focusing his comments on president barack obama and for the first time president barack obama's reelection campaign is running a television ad attacking mitt romney by name. >> this president's economic policies have not been the
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results of a turn around instead it made it harder for us to come out of it. his economic strategy was a bust. >> mitt romney is exact leg halfway to the number of delegates he needs to clinch the republican nomination. rick santorum is criticizing california because he said they don't teach american history. >> the california universities, i think there are 7 or 8 of the california system of universities don't even teach an american history course. >> it is not clear where rick santorum got his information from but they all offer a variety of u.s. history courses in fact all students must take a u.s. history course to graduate. in a speech to newspaper executives, president barack
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obama will criticize the budget plan just passed by house republicans. now the white house says president barack obama will strike back at the congressman and as the plan has been criticized by those who say it will slash taxes for the wealthy and lead to deep cuts across government. the san francisco governors are working on a plan to bypass the usual bidding process in regards to the americas cup race. that is because of the worry for the various venues may not be ready in time. the competitive bidding process can take three to four months. they will vote on whether to wave the process and allow the contractor already on the job to hire subcontractors. the kentucky wildcats with the ncaa basketball champions. >> all season long, this is a
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supreme your team -- superior team tonight. >> they held off a rally winning 67-59 last night, this is the wildcat's 8th national title. it turned event over -- violent overnight, one man was shot as thousands celebrated the win. they had words with somebody standing on the sidewalk and somebody on a the sidewalk opened fire. a man was hit and was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening. the gunman has not been found and several people were arrested during some pretty rowdy celebrations. back here at home results are mixed after the most critical snow pack of the year. the snowstorms were enough to double the snow pack. it is the largest reservoir which is above average now and some say it is an impressive jump in less than five weeks
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but they will not call it a march miracle. >> maybe a minor miracle, a good increase in the snow pack. >> now the march storms were not enough to make up for a very dry winter but the snow pack right now stands at 5 5% of average for this time of year. 4:51 it was a chaotic scene in florida after a plane crashed into a supermarket. what witnesses say what happened right as this plane took offment. plus moving forward in santa clara ; the date when construction will begin.
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. time now 4:53 looking at what happened yesterday, three
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people in the hospital got hurt right after a plane crashed into a florida grocery store. the plane had just taken off and witnesses say it appeared to haven gin trouble right at the time of take off. three people inside the store were also hurt, two of them were treated for burns and then released from the hospital last night. federal investigators will start looking into this crash this morning. well, take a look, at a tow truck and big-rig fall down a cliff in norway, somehow the men in the trucks survived. look at this, the big-rig being towed didn't have the right tires and look at that, it flipped, tipped over the guardrail and fell over the edge taking the tow truck with it and the tow-truck driver jumped out in time. the big-rig driver was not so fortunate but he is in stable
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condition with some broken bones. >> it is just incredible they got that on can a. >> everything -- on camera. good morning everybody, let's look at what we have. this morning's commute is not all that bad, as we were saying yesterday, it is getting closer to easter and some people do have time off around the holiday and you will see lighter than usual conditions as we get closer to the weekend. good friday for example, a lot of people don't go into the office and that's this friday coming up. 880 northbound, 880 looks good as we pass to high street. also on the south bay, off to a nice start, 101 getting to palo alto, it looks goodberg ham, -- bellingham san mateo
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approaching the 580 split. let's go to steve. mostly cloudy, it is a weak front, an increase in clouds and light rain later on, very light i might add, 40s and 50s covers the spread for most . the system will continue to working its way in, very weak, most of the rain will be to the north but it does have a lot of cold air with it and that will start playing into wednesday thursday and prily friday -- probably friday morning. by this afternoon that system inches closer. lake county developing light rain but this system does not have a lot to it. it does paint a couple of 100s and further to the north, heavier amounts, some very light rain comes in and takes us to wednesday. a couple of 100s as they settle to the north mostly cloudy some light rain late but more
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towards mendocino county lake county, temperatures in the mid- 60s or upper 60s coast and bay, held in check because of the cloud cover so not much of a difference. light rain by tonight, early tomorrow then turning cooler and things rebound on the weekend, pam? we are coming up on 5:00 and get what, construction will begin in santa clara santa clara in two weeks and the team announced construction starts april 19thth. the new stadium will actually have fewer seats than candle stick park but it will have 9,000 club seats which are not subject to sharing with other nfl teams. a damaged yacht docked safe and sound right here in the bay area, the new video and eyewitness accounts we gathered in the last few minutes. plus new developments in that horrible deadly school
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shooting in oakland, the person the gunman banned to -- wanted to target on his deadly rampage, we will be right back.
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